Business Continuity

When disaster strikes, it doesn't just cause inconvenience - it can be devastating.

In the past, disasters have taken the forms of fire, water damage, failed hardware, corrupt disks, etc., etc..  There are many more sinister and unseen threats to business now, with the dawn of "RansomWare" as it has been called.

RansomWare is the type of malicious software that downloads itself onto your computer and then decides to do something to your data.  Encrypting your data so that you can't access it is just one of the ways that RansomWare can get you.  Once your data is encrypted, the criminals will then tell you via a moderately alarming pop-up on your screen where they give you the chance to buy the key to decrypt your data. Remember, you're dealing with criminals, so what is the chance that you'll get the key?

We can help you implement a business continuity plan through tried and tested methods but then we'll also help you to test that plan so you know it works.

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