Case Studies

If you're thinking about doing business with us, then we feel that it is important for you to look at some of the work that we have already completed so that you can see how we have helped other customers over the years.

Here we've got a few case studies which highlight some of the problems that people had when they came to us for advice, and what we did to solve their problems.

Lincolnshire Primary School is first school in UK to achieve the Government’s Cyber Essentials and IASME standards

The UK’s first school to demonstrate that they have protected themselves against common cyber attacks by achieving the Government’s Cyber Essentials standard is Osgodby Primary School in Lincolnshire. Cyber Essentials is a scheme which has been developed by Government and industry to fulfil two functions: it provides clear controls which an organisation must take to reduce the likelihood of attack from the most common Internet-based threats and also provides a means of assurance to demonstrate to individuals or bodies external to the organisation that they have taken essentials precautions.

For Osgodby Primary School, Cyber Essentials is the latest in a line of achievements to raise the profile of e-Safety amongst pupils. Last year, some of Osgodby’s Young Journalists reported on Cyber Security when the attended a Cyber Security Boot Camp and the school was also the first organisation of its kind to join the free Cyber-security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) which is managed by CERT-UK. Whilst the pupils within the school don’t use the CiSP themselves, Osgodby has used information from the CiSP to bolster its cyber defences.

“All our children are very proficient in using ICT in all forms” says Jill Fincham, Osgodby’s Head Teacher. “Safeguarding is therefore vitally important to us all within the school and through the work that the children have done as a result of our activities and membership of the CiSP we’ve been able to develop a mature attitude to working online. We’ve even been able to work with parents and provide them with information that has helped develop their understanding too.”

Chris Gibson, Director of CERT-UK, is delighted that the CiSP has helped Osgodby to attain this certification, “after they joined the CiSP, we’ve mentioned Osgodby Primary School’s healthy attitude to cyber security all over the UK and further afield. To see that they’ve now developed further is extremely encouraging.”

In addition to Cyber Essentials certification, Osgodby have also achieved another milestone by meeting the needs of the IASME standard. The IASME standard, based on international best practice, is risk-based and includes aspects such as physical security, staff awareness, and data backup.

Sarah Greig, Senior Administrator at Osgodby Primary School says “We initially thought that Cyber Essentials would be difficult but as we were supported through the process, we found that it was something that, with a few tweaks here and there, we could achieve.”

We're pleased that we have been able to make this happen for Osgodby Primary School!

Town centre WiFi project success

The ability to connect to the Internet - wherever you are - is what everybody wants these days. Any time, any place anywhere is how it needs to be.

When we were asked to help to provide a busy rural market town with its own WiFi, we realised that simply allowing them to push out a free service wasn't going to be good enough. 'Free' is fine - providing the service works well and it's not going to be abused.

Which is where we needed to approach things a little differently. We didn't just want a free WiFi network, we wanted a SECURE and RELIABLE WiFi network.

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Rural Business

Often overlooked, rural businesses are more and more dependent on reliable IT systems.

Whether it's accounting software or precision farming systems, everything needs an Internet connection these days and rural businesses face a growing need for reliable and robust connectivity.  Whilst they may be out in the wilds, miles from anywhere, an Internet connection is becoming less of a nicety and more and more of a necessity.  With the advent of wireless broadband covering more rural locations, it is now possible to get reasonable broadband connectivity into previously hard-to-reach places. 

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Primary School

When a primary school asked us to help them with their network, we couldn't believe what we found.... it was literally 'shocking'.

A network cabinet in a classroom gave anyone who touched it an electric shock.  The cause?  The cabinet had not been correctly fitted to the wall and had chafed through a mains cable.  Anyone touching the cabinet completed the circuit and received an electric shock. Admittedly, the cabinet was mounted high on the wall but was still accessible to a curious pupil.

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Event Security

Not everyone got the chance to be involved in the Olympic Games but we played our part, albeit a very small one.

Involvement in this event came about purely by chance. A provider of security to the event and its wider area needed a way to pass locations from an old system they had to a modern system that was in use by one of the agencies that they were dealing with. To run through a commercial bidding process would have taken an extraordinarily long period of time and the need was very short term which is where our mobile app design came in to play.

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Cancer Charity

When a Cancer Charity asked us to look at their IT problems, it took no more than a quick site visit to identify their main problem.  Their "network" was an eclectic pile of cables and boxes, bundled out of sight under a desk.  Like many small business and charities we encounter, they'd been given a 'fit-and-forget' service, where no formal IT support was offered and the supplier simply moved on to their next customer. Not having the luxury of a dedicated IT person on-site, no-one realised that what they'd been left with simply wasn't acceptable. The result was a complete physical mess and a system that was slow and unreliable.

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Primary Care Trust

If there's one thing that larger organisations have its data. Lots of it.

In working with a Primary Care Trust, we discovered that statistical data needed to be collated and gathered into one central place and presented in a fashion that made sense to everyone. This amounted to a huge challenge but we came up with an easy solution.

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Defence Contractor

Right from the start, this Company wanted to make its name known in the Defence Industry.

As with many new enterprises Company X started small, with 3 ex-military personnel. It has now grown to employ over 60 staff and they are trading internationally.  Their IT requirements have grown steadily over the years too.  Starting with one computer in an office with a distributed user base working from laptops, they now have a highly resilient IT infrastructure with the necessary security protocols in place in order to comply with the range of Standards governing their activities.

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