Not everyone got the chance to be involved in the Olympic Games but we played our part, albeit a very small one.

Involvement in this event came about purely by chance. A provider of security to the event and its wider area needed a way to pass locations from an old system they had to a modern system that was in use by one of the agencies that they were dealing with. To run through a commercial bidding process would have taken an extraordinarily long period of time and the need was very short term which is where our mobile app design came in to play.

NavigX is an application designed by us and available on the App Store. Its main purpose is to convert between different types of location coordinates.  Lots of maths involved in converting spherical models of the planet into flat coordinate systems but the app does all of that in the background.

For this particular event, we need to build in another feature that  would convert postal codes into different coordinate systems for use on different navigation systems; this could be converting a post code into a Latitude and Longitude or Ordnance Survey Grid Reference.

After a fair bit of head-scratching, we came up with a solution which ensured that any coordinate type could be converted into any other coordinate type and the end result was a simple utility that could fit into someone's pocket and be quickly used should the need arise.

NavigX was updated as a result of this work so there's a lot going on in the background of this little app!