Right from the start, this Company wanted to make its name known in the Defence Industry.

As with many new enterprises Company X started small, with 3 ex-military personnel. It has now grown to employ over 60 staff and they are trading internationally.  Their IT requirements have grown steadily over the years too.  Starting with one computer in an office with a distributed user base working from laptops, they now have a highly resilient IT infrastructure with the necessary security protocols in place in order to comply with the range of Standards governing their activities.

Starting small meant that they needed cost-effective IT solutions in place to help them grow; getting the foundations right would be critical to their success, enabling them to expand easily and quickly as there customer base grew.

Considering the nature of their business, and their clients, there was an immediate requirement to protect their data with a robust solution in terms of business continuity.  This was put to the test when following a burglary when some key equipment was stolen. Fortunately, due to collaborative efforts in producing a disaster recovery plan, 90% of capability was restored within a matter of hours of the burglary, with 100% being restored the following day.  Not the ideal way to test the plan but reassuring to know that the plan worked!

This Company is now expanding again into larger premises, which presents more challenges in terms of seamless working - downtime is absolutely not an option.  With the current systems and practices in place, we're confident that the next growth spurt will be catered for and the migration from one premises to another will prove no more challenging than moving office furniture.

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