As schools and educational establishment become more digitally equipped with teachers depending on computers, networks and the Internet on a daily basis, then surely there is a responsibility to ensure that these systems are efficient, safe and a reliable aide to education?

With IT-based learning being available to children from KS1 and teachers depending on infrastructure for communication and resource, it is imperative that budgets are spent wisely and effectively when planning, implementing and maintaining IT systems and networks in schools. With schools having more direct responsibility for budgets and purchasing, there is both an opportunity and a threat evolving: the opportunity is that they have the autonomy to choose and work with providers who they believe will best help them service their requirements; the threat is that - as illustrated in the Case Studies - without having the in-depth technical knowledge necessary to plan and implement such systems, there's always the danger that they can fall foul of less professional elements of the industry and although you pay a small price initially, you end up paying far more.

However, the major issue when dealing with networks which serve young people is security. The Internet is a free for all when it comes to information and without careful filtering and control, children and young people can be inadvertently exposed to material which is not only wholly inappropriate, but could cause serious repercussions. We can help you to build-in seamless and flexible content control to your networks that will help you to address any such issues.

For schools who encourage pupils and staff to work remotely, there is the added problem of security of any remote connection and infection or corruption of the schools network by introducing portable devices. Again, we have the experience and the knowledge to help you to consider and address these issues too.

To help Schools combat the e-Safety problem, we have developed a training package which is now available to Primary Schools. Designed to meet Ofsted e-Safety Inspection requirements, the training package is aimed at Primary Schools and caters for pupils from KS0 (Reception) through to KS2.

All pupils receive a handbook, designed to reinforce the training package, which is written in a style aimed at children, teachers and parents.

In addition to the in-class training, two sessions are also included for parents (not suitable for children) to highlight and demonstrate current areas where real threats to their child's safety exist. These sessions can be held in School time or out-of-hours.

To book a training package for your School, visit the Small School e-Safety Package or the Large School e-Safety Package links on our Courses page.

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