Information Management

Information management falls basically into two categories - what you need to do for yourself (housekeeping) and what you need to do to meet current legislation (compliance and best practice). One will give you a headache, the other will give you a headache and could potentially see you being fined an awful lot of money. We can help you with both aspects.

At a practical level, we can help you implement a data management structure that works for your organisation and follows a logical process.  Once you've got this in place, we'll periodically health-check the data for you and ensure that the structure is working for you.  No more missing files and a streamlined system that helps your staff to store information safely will take a lot of pain out of some of the most seemingly trivial tasks.

The Compliance issue is far more complex and covers not only the storage of your data, but its transmission and how it is handled by your employees. You also need to consider every aspect of your IT infrastructure from your network firewall to mobile phones. Ignore it at your peril.

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