About Us

You might wonder why any website presumes that readers are interested in the amazing abilities and lavish boasts it makes in the 'About Us' section. We certainly do, because we like to put our customers first in everything that we do. So rather than tell you how wonderful we are, that we're planning on global domination, that we can do absolutely everything, or the fact that we go bog snorkelling at weekends (not true), we'd like to tell you some things about us that are more "about you".

  • we're not new kids on the block, we've been doing IT stuff since 1997 - you know that the advice we'll give you is based on working knowledge, not something we read on the Internet.
  • we're trained and qualified professionals with backgrounds in IT, security and business - you can depend on us.
  • we don't 'fit and forget' - you know that if you have a problem, we'll be back.
  • we don't hide behind email addresses or obscure telephone numbers - you can simply pick up the phone and you can talk to a real person.
  • we're a small successful company and proud of it - you know we understand what's really important to your business.
  • we might be small, but we know how to think big - you can be sure we'll rise to the challenge,
  • we partner with the big boys - you won't be disappointed.
  • we don't do 'cheap and cheery' - you'll get a robust solution that works.
  • we specialise in making sure your Internet connection and IT systems are secure - you're safer with us.

Why You're Safer With Us...

Please take a few moments to wander around our website and discover how we can help you to develop cost effective and comprehensive solutions that will make your IT systems and Internet usage efficient, compliant and secure - including gaining accreditation to Cyber Essentials and IASME standards.

Instead of charging in to sell you the latest whizzy technology or software, we like to take some time to listen to what you and your organisation needs to achieve with its IT provision. Maybe you just need some basic support for your current system, or we can help you design resilient solutions for a growing business. We are not a 'fit and forget' outfit - we're looking for relationships, not just another sale.

We always aim to explain things in straightforward terms that you and your staff will understand and we'll happily work with and support technical and non-technical personnel.

If you need assistance in delivering compliance throughout your network we can help you produce a robust Information Assurance Plan which will ensure that you meet the compliance standards that you need and avoid punitive fines.

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