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Defence Contractors mandated to gain Cyber Essentials certification

New guidelines from the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP) state that Defence Contractors who supply the Ministry of Defence (MoD) must attain Cyber Essentials at the most basic level.

The guidelines which were released on 25 March 2015, have categorised the cyber risks associated with individual contracts into 5 levels: Not Applicable, Very Low, Low, Moderate and High.  Cyber Essentials Plus is required at levels Low and higher and at the lowest level, only Cyber Essentials is required, however, contractors are "encouraged to do more".

This latest publication demonstrates how seriously cyber security is being taken at all levels and, interestingly, emphasis is now being placed on Defence Contractors to ensure that their supply chain is secured with Cyber Essentials too.

So, if you're a Defence Contractor supplying the MoD or you're a sub-contractor working with a Defence Contractor, and you need to know more about Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus, get in touch and we'll be happy to help you through the process.

The DCPP guidelines for Defence Contractors can be found at

“Have you got anything without Spam in it?”

Not so very long ago, in the halcyon days of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and striking miners, John Cleese and co. had everyone laughing at their ‘Spam’ song. In the sketch, an unlikely posse of marauding Vikings sat in a café and sang about the pre- cooked meat that accompanied every item on the menu.

“No-One expects the Spanish Inquisition...!”

Just as the Python gang burst onto our screens with “Fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency...!”, the Internet has invaded our living rooms with similar – if not more subtle – aplomb. Unlike the Inquisition (who ran off on a London bus) it’s here to stay.

Bodgit and Scarper – Computer Experts

It would be unusual if anyone reading this doesn’t in some way rely on a computer to do something for them in their life. Whether it’s booking a holiday, making an appointment at the doctor’s or checking the weather, we’ve all become reliant on computers and technology. And before you say ‘ “I can do all of that on my phone....”, what do you think you think that little marvel of the modern world is? A computer!

"Doctor, Doctor - my laptop thinks its a tortoise..."

Diagnosing the cause of a ‘slow’ computer is not uncommon request, and you’re probably thinking that the customer in question was about to be tactfully told that her ageing laptop was really past its best. But hang on a minute – this was a year-old Acer running Windows 8.....

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