It would be unusual if anyone reading this doesn’t in some way rely on a computer to do something for them in their life. Whether it’s booking a holiday, making an appointment at the doctor’s or checking the weather, we’ve all become reliant on computers and technology. And before you say ‘ “I can do all of that on my phone....”, what do you think you think that little marvel of the modern world is? A computer!

Unfortunately, because computers are widely available and relatively inexpensive, we’ve gone down the road of the second-hand car market, parodied by back-street garages and dodgy practices. “Oh, my pal’s son can fix that for you – he’s good with computers..” How many times have you heard that?

Yes, everyone seems to know a man (or a woman) who can. Youngsters are certainly more responsive to technology these days, but if you wouldn’t trust your shiny new 3-Series to your local version of Arthur Daley’s nephew, why on earth would you dream of trusting someone unqualified and inexperienced to ‘fix’ your computers?

We come across this all too often, but it's actually good for business. We get a call from a frustrated person who relies on their computer system in the day-to-day running of their business. The systems just isn’t working as it should and when we start to look into things, it turns out that they’ve fallen into the trap of trusting someone with a limited amount of knowledge ‘fix’ it for them. What’s really happened is anyone’s guess, but the problem is now compounded and they’re even further from a resolution.

Computer technology is here to stay and trusting complicated hardware and software to people who have simply assumed the role of ‘expert’ is a false economy. Let’s face it, if you had toothache, would you let a carpenter sort it out for you?

Why not? He’ll have a drill, be very sympathetic and probably be quite cheap.....

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