Just as the Python gang burst onto our screens with “Fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency...!”, the Internet has invaded our living rooms with similar – if not more subtle – aplomb. Unlike the Inquisition (who ran off on a London bus) it’s here to stay.

Every time you connect to the Internet to send an email, check the weather or order your shopping from Sainsbury’s, you’re exposed to all sorts of nasty things. It’s like sitting next to the person with the irritating cough in the doctor’s surgery – you call in to get the results of your cholesterol test and come away infected with something you didn’t expect. Only you don’t know about it until a few days later. This isn’t alarmist, it’s a fact. The Internet can be a scary place for a computer to be.

And what about when the kids are online? Are there certain things you’d rather they’d not be looking at? Or would you just like to make sure that they can only access certain sites at certain times to make sure their homework gets priority?

Either way you need to be in control of your technology – even when you’re not around. Why not come and have a chat with us and we’ll show you how.

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