Online Security

The security of your IT systems and your data is rapidly becoming one of the hardest things to guarantee.  Every day, criminals discover new ways to get in to your systems, mess with or steal your data, or compromise your hardware or broadband connection.  Attacks can be mounted by anonymous hackers thousands of miles away, with the Authorities almost powerless to act. Active prevention is the only course of action.

SJG Digital offer a comprehensive service to protect you from becoming a victim of cyber crime.  We can provide you with everything from a basic security health check to a full test of your electronic and physical systems. Simply by being connected to the Internet generates a risk, but this is controllable and we have partnered with leading manufacturers to ensure we can offer you world-class solutions to help you to mitigate any threat.

From basic security appliances to full-featured identity-aware networks, security is at the centre of our solutions and built into our working practices.  SJG Digital can ensure that your network security is as subtle as you want it to be, providing business intelligence to help you make informed decisions and safely manage your assets.

Why not order a security health check to find out exactly what is running in the background on your network?

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