Network Design, Installation and Support

As the IT requirements of organisations evolve to incorporate more technology into every day working practices, having the correct network infrastructure can be one of the single most important steps to take.

Segmenting networks to streamline traffic flow is key to the successful operation of larger businesses and schools. Breaking networks down into smaller, more manageable chunks is an ideal way to make the network more secure.

Logging and reporting are also key features of the networks installed by SJG Digital.  As a business owner or head teacher, having the ability to see who-did-what-and-when can be a great asset when faced with the challenges associated with providing secure Internet access to your workforce or students.  We can help you monitor your network performance using simple, non-technical media that will allow you to make informed decisions on where the next investments need to be made.

With a wealth of experience in conventional wired, fibre and wide-area wireless networks, you can be assured that you'll have the right team working for you.

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