SJG Digital provide a range of services that are tailored to benefit small-medium size businesses, including educational establishments, solicitors, accountants and charities. Experience has shown how many smaller enterprises and schools can struggle to get their IT systems working well and we work in these sectors to provide cost effective solutions.

We can supply tailored hands-on support packages and specialist network and security advice, always working to meet the individual needs of our customers.


Apple Consultancy

SJG Digital are members of the Apple Consultants Network. As Apple Consultants in Lincolnshire, we have qualified and certified staff working to help Apple users throughout the East Midlands and beyond.

We can provide you with all of the technical expertise that you will need to get the most out of your Apple hardware and we'll support you and your users in growing and developing the network.

Compatibility with other operating systems can be achieved easily and we can support you and your users in working with multiple systems.

With our certification and membership heavily governed by Apple, you can be assured that you will get the correct advice, professionally delivered.

Business Continuity

When disaster strikes, it doesn't just cause inconvenience - it can be devastating.

In the past, disasters have taken the forms of fire, water damage, failed hardware, corrupt disks, etc., etc..  There are many more sinister and unseen threats to business now, with the dawn of "RansomWare" as it has been called.

RansomWare is the type of malicious software that downloads itself onto your computer and then decides to do something to your data.  Encrypting your data so that you can't access it is just one of the ways that RansomWare can get you.  Once your data is encrypted, the criminals will then tell you via a moderately alarming pop-up on your screen where they give you the chance to buy the key to decrypt your data. Remember, you're dealing with criminals, so what is the chance that you'll get the key?

We can help you implement a business continuity plan through tried and tested methods but then we'll also help you to test that plan so you know it works.


Sometimes you just don't have the space to install new equipment so our hosting services are an ideal way to help you grow your network without taking up more floor space.

In the past, most businesses and schools have used some form of hosting services for a website or email, but by taking that a step further, you can add another layer of protection to your business by using more than just the conventional web or email hosting services.

By installing your equipment into our remote data centre, you can still access the equipment securely and remotely and you'll have the added benefit of knowing that your equipment is stored in a physically secure building complying with ISO 27001.

IT Support

Getting the right support for your organisation is key to a happy workplace - when the IT doesn't work right, people aren't productive.

Our dedicated support service is tailored to suit your needs and each package we roll out is different.  Whether you want an occasional check-up or a dedicated service desk to log all of your faults, we can provide that service to you and your organisation.

We don't outsource to international call centres, either.  It's important to us that we deliver a bespoke, personal and professional service to you - your calls will always be answered by a real person in our offices, so that you can get the support that you deserve.

Information Management

Information management falls basically into two categories - what you need to do for yourself (housekeeping) and what you need to do to meet current legislation (compliance and best practice). One will give you a headache, the other will give you a headache and could potentially see you being fined an awful lot of money. We can help you with both aspects.

At a practical level, we can help you implement a data management structure that works for your organisation and follows a logical process.  Once you've got this in place, we'll periodically health-check the data for you and ensure that the structure is working for you.  No more missing files and a streamlined system that helps your staff to store information safely will take a lot of pain out of some of the most seemingly trivial tasks.

The Compliance issue is far more complex and covers not only the storage of your data, but its transmission and how it is handled by your employees. You also need to consider every aspect of your IT infrastructure from your network firewall to mobile phones. Ignore it at your peril.

Network Design, Installation and Support

As the IT requirements of organisations evolve to incorporate more technology into every day working practices, having the correct network infrastructure can be one of the single most important steps to take.

Segmenting networks to streamline traffic flow is key to the successful operation of larger businesses and schools. Breaking networks down into smaller, more manageable chunks is an ideal way to make the network more secure.

Logging and reporting are also key features of the networks installed by SJG Digital.  As a business owner or head teacher, having the ability to see who-did-what-and-when can be a great asset when faced with the challenges associated with providing secure Internet access to your workforce or students.  We can help you monitor your network performance using simple, non-technical media that will allow you to make informed decisions on where the next investments need to be made.

With a wealth of experience in conventional wired, fibre and wide-area wireless networks, you can be assured that you'll have the right team working for you.

Online Security

The security of your IT systems and your data is rapidly becoming one of the hardest things to guarantee.  Every day, criminals discover new ways to get in to your systems, mess with or steal your data, or compromise your hardware or broadband connection.  Attacks can be mounted by anonymous hackers thousands of miles away, with the Authorities almost powerless to act. Active prevention is the only course of action.

SJG Digital offer a comprehensive service to protect you from becoming a victim of cyber crime.  We can provide you with everything from a basic security health check to a full test of your electronic and physical systems. Simply by being connected to the Internet generates a risk, but this is controllable and we have partnered with leading manufacturers to ensure we can offer you world-class solutions to help you to mitigate any threat.

From basic security appliances to full-featured identity-aware networks, security is at the centre of our solutions and built into our working practices.  SJG Digital can ensure that your network security is as subtle as you want it to be, providing business intelligence to help you make informed decisions and safely manage your assets.

Why not order a security health check to find out exactly what is running in the background on your network?

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