If the data that you generate and use on a daily basis suddenly became unavailable, the negative effect on your business would be immediate. In fact, 90% of business experiencing data loss cease trading within two years. Fire, flood and burglary are normally foremost in people's minds when they think about commercial 'disaster', but there are far more subtle threats including hardware failure, hacking and even that careless spilled cup of coffee.....

Any organisation - large or small - should have a protocol in place whereby they are backing up their critical data - client records, invoices, proposals, databases etc - on a daily basis. If you don't, then you're heading for trouble. If you're still carrying out your own backups on magnetic tapes, then you need to be aware of just how vulnerable this media is, and the need to ensure the tapes are correctly stored, used in rotation and regularly replaced. If you're backing up off-site with magnetic tapes, then you can do better.

Off-site backup is now accepted as the most secure and cost-effective means of protecting your valuable data. With faster Internet connectivity, data can be sent via a secure Internet connection from your premises and stored securely in a data centre.  Just think, all of your data, encrypted and safely stored in a remote location in an ISO 27001 data centre.  

We have a number of solutions to offer, and we can help you choose the one that's right for you and your organisation.






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