The Internet can be a dangerous place to be.

Headlines which reveal another scandal where personal data has found its way from a system that's assumed to be a secure haven into the wrong hands are now common occurrences. Of course this can happen by someone leaking the information or selling the information, but it's often because a network has been hacked or compromised remotely in some way and the data stolen.  More often that not, this type of attack attack is undetected and it is often days, weeks or months before discovery. In that time irretrievable damage can be done.

With more and more data being shared or available on the Internet, we really need to ensure that people holding our data are safeguarding it as well as ensure that we can prevent our own data leaking out from our own systems.

This can easily be achieved with a dedicated security appliance and it won't break the bank. Few Internet Service Providers provide a dedicated security appliance; for some, the more of their service you use, the more they can charge you so its not in their commercial interests to provide a more expensive appliance when they can mass produce something cheaper.

Thankfully, a good security appliance is not out of reach of the smaller business and even home-based business; bank-grade security can now easily be installed which ensures that you're protected against many threats. More than just a firewall, a dedicated security appliance will help to protect you from spam and has a built-in anti-virus and intrusion prevention system amongst other things.

For home offices, a security appliance is particularly useful in protecting the family from the Very Bad Things that other devices will happily let your children view.

We can work with anyone to ensure that your children can be given reasonable free rein to use the internet whilst you are safe in the knowledge that their internet use is protected, monitored and controlled at all times.

Next-generation security appliances don't come associated with next-generation price tags. We're more than happy to help you make an informed decision about what is best for you so please feel free to call in or drop us a line to discuss the best solution for you or arrange a health check and we'll come out and scan your network for you.




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